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Introducing ninja cuisine

We are eager to provide balanced and healthy dishes for their health based on what ninjas would have been concerned about such as using seasonal ingredients and ingredients that are good for you to help you keep your health.
Also, we use ninja techniques and create a sense of fun with the meals.
Please come and visit us to enjoy our passion for our meals.

Special ninja's menu

We are directed related to the author of ‘Bansenshukai’ which is a grimoire about the art of ninjas written in the Edo period. As a tribute to this, we rolled our menu up into a ninpo (the art of the ninja) scroll hoping our customers will enjoy the atmosphere of shinobi no sato (the home of a ninja) with various traps being set up.

Special ninja ingredients

In order to stay agile, it is said that ninjas used to have balanced healthy food being so they wouldn't put on weight.
It sounds like they had soybean products (tofu, etc.) and meat (deer thighs) for their protein, calcium and iron intake, and it sounds like they got their vitamins from fruits like persimmon. Also, for their energy, they ate vegetable risotto (chest nuts, oats).
When they were on a mission, they needed to be able to eat anything, so it seems that they used to eat ants, grasshoppers and weeds like Tanpopo flowers (dandelions) and Japanese mugworts normally too. As a kind of curry, ‘Hyorougan (energy food pills)’ and ‘Makibishi’ were eaten too, (water chestnuts were used as ‘Makibishi (dried water chestnuts used as a defensive weapon by throwing them on the path of an enemy when trying to escape from them)’.
From all that, we arranged the ingredients into a modern style that is reflected in our menu.

Hyorougan (energy food pills) Special ninja on the go food

All ninjas trained so that they could go 10 days without fasting, but of course even ninjas would drop down if they didn't eat and drink for a long time.
In those situations, they used to make special food to carry and bring with them to manage their food and water intake. What they took was ‘Hyorougan».

The ingredients for Hyorougan were glutinous rice, non-glutinous rice, lotus roots, dioscorea batatas, coix seed, carrots and rock sugar
These ingredients were crushed into a powder, knead with water, made into balls 1 cm in diameter and steamed. The mixture was blended following the process outlined in the famous literature ‘Roudanshu’. It is said that ninjas used to eat 30 balls a day for their nutrition.

Ninjutsu (the art of the ninja) and hyourogan are written in ‘Rodanshu’ written by Kansuke Yamamoto.
We authentically reproduced our own hydrogen from this.
Basically, our owner's ancestor brought the hyourogan passed by Kansuke Yamamoto back to life now through ‘Rodanshu’.

Hyorougan has natural medicinal effects that effectively burn your fat and is effective for revitalizing, calming, relieving stress and keeping the stomach healthy.
Rock sugar's sweetness is effective for soothing your fatigue too.

Also, ‘Kikkatsugan’ and ‘Ninjutsu mizu katsugan’ existed supposedly.
We serve Hyorougan at the end of the meal.

Restaurant information

We, Fujiissui are located in Iga City, Mie, Japan.
We make each dish happily here in our peaceful and quiet Shinobi no sato (home of the ninja).
Please phone us to make a reservation when you are planning to come.
We have a free shuttle van.
Please use us for your start and end of year parties, welcome parties and farewell parties or any occasion.
Please feel free to contact us for further information.

Inside - Ninja house

Since ancient times, it has been said that ninjas carried out their missions with various tools (ninja tools) and ingenuity.
The famous shuriken and doden-gaeshi (an unexpected turn of events) are good examples of it, Fujiissui replicated such ninja's knowledge.
We introduce the following and more after your meal.

‘Low ceiling’

When having a fight inside, it was very important to make a situation where enemies couldn't use their swords. For this reason, the ceiling was purposely built low so that enemies couldn't swing their swords around.
Also, this suited ninjas as their swords were for stabbing more than slashing.

Hidden door

There were some little doors and windows that were not easy to spot in order to escape from enemies and check their movements supposedly.
A replicated hidden door is shown in the picture above.
You can check out what's behind the door when you come visit us.

Naruko (clappers)

For working out an enemy's' movements quickly, there were various traps supposedly.
Naruko was a typical trap where if someone knocked on a string, the wooden stick and plate makes a rattling noise to alert the ninja.

Katana kakushi (Hidden swards)

Ninjas disguised their true identity well so neighbours didn't know who they were, that's why they hid their weapons. However, it had to be easy to take them out when needed.
Can you see where they are in the picture?